Charmayne James Low Port Twisted Pretzel Bit 9

Charmayne James Low Port Twisted Pretzel Bit 9" Cheek

Charmayne James Leverage Series This cheek is specially designed for lifting and controlling the shoulders, rib cage and hip; allowing the rider to keep the horse elevated and round. The slightly weighted cheek comes in a variety of mouthpieces. The cheek has antiqued sweet iron and hand engraved silver trim. Sweet Iron mouthpiece.
This bit is generally suited to the finished performance horse. The shank creates lateral flexion and control, enabling the rider to assist the horse in keeping his shoulders square and maintaining balance while turning. This Pretzel Bit has a twisted wire mouthpiece which is more effective on the bars and the low port is mild on the palate. This is the bit for the horse that needs a little more more control when speed is involved. This bit can keep a horse in true form when turning and working a pattern.

5 1/4"Mouth. 9" Cheek.