Professional's Choice SMB II

Professional's Choice SMB II

Sports Medicine Boots II (SMB IIs) are the best selling equine leg care products in the world. They have protected countless performance horses over the years in every imaginable event, including polo, jumping, reining, barrel racing, endurance, working cow horse and many others. For many horses, these boots have meant the difference between an extended career and periodic or permanent injuries. So, itís no wonder there have been numerous attempts to copy them.

Even though SMB IIs have been copied by others, their effectiveness, and the safety and comfort they provide, cannot be duplicated. Professional's Choice invented the Sports Medicine Boot and through extensive scientific testing have proven it is superior in providing exterior leg protection, energy absorption, and most importantly, suspensory support. 30-Day money-back guarantee/six-month warranty. Sold in pairs.

Made of closed-cell nylon-lined limestone-based neoprene -- provides comfort and shock protection Will not crack or crumble -- maintains its original shape after prolonged use Radius-cut straps -- easier to grip and apply, and gives a finished appearance Hook & loop fasteners -- facilitate application and adjustment UltraShock lining -- provides an additional 360-degrees of protection and shock absorption Sewn-on suspensory strap -- helps support suspensory ligaments and is easily replaceable Product warranty -- 30-day money back guarantee / Six month warranty.

Your choice of Medium or large.

Colors Available: Black; Chocolate; Crimson Red; Hunter Green; Navy Blue; Orange; Pink; Purple; Royal Blue; Turquoise; White.