To Wait or Not to Wait



That is the question! 


We have seen some really strange things going on in the horse industry in our part of the country this summer.  In Colorado we have been suffering a severe drought.  It has brought about high hay prices and strange diseases we have not seen in this area for forty years.  Nationally the industry has been hit with the devastating West Nile virus.


People in our area have closed boarding facilities and/or sold horses because of the rising costs of hay and water. Worse yet, we have seen and heard of horses actually starving because the owner cannot afford the hay to feed them.  Times are a little tough.


I am sure you have heard the old saying, “when times get tough, the tough get going”.  How about changing that just a little to, “BEFORE times get tough, the tough Christian gets going”.


 We knew the drought was coming.  We knew hay and water costs were going to rise.  We knew six months before the first case of West Nile was reported in Colorado that it would, in all probability, get to us this past summer. 


Instead of sitting around whining and crying about how tough things are and how bad we all have it we need to turn first to the source of our strength.  We need to learn to call on the Lord in ALL situations.  We need to draw on His promises and provisions BEFORE the times we know, and have been warned about, hit us.  We need to say to Him before the doo doo hits the fan, “Lord, I know bad times are coming and I know I am going to be in a real battle here on this earth.  I know you promise to help me and protect me. I WILL TRUST IN YOU TO PROVIDE FOR US ACORDING TO YOUR WORD.  I WILL CLAIM YOUR RICHES ACCORDING TO YOUR WORD AND I WILL GIVE YOU THE GLORY FOR YOUR PROTECTION AND PROVISION”.


This is not to say I did not have to pay more for my hay but God connected me with a Christian hay dealer that gave me a good price and when the time to pay came He gave me the money.  I listened to the Holy Spirit and vaccinated early for the West Nile.  I did not wait until it arrived in our part of the country.  I have constantly prayed protection over this farm and all who enter (horse and human). I will not allow the devil to sneak in here and steal what the Lord has given us to take care of. 


The point is I did not wait for hay prices to go up or sickness to hit.  I went to the Father BEFORE so we (He and I) had a plan in place.  I tried very hard to follow His leading because I know without Him I am absolutely nothing and the situation can appear hopeless in a heartbeat!


Do not wait for tragedy to strike.  Pray for God’s protection and provision daily.  Pray for God’s peace in ALL situations.  God is faithful and just and he will NEVER forsake us.