Psalm 37: 5 and 6

Commit your way to the Lord; trust in Him and He will do this:  He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun.


There are three people who work in our barn.  There is Terri, Loretta and myself.  Terri is my assistant rider.  Loretta is the person that brushes and saddles horses for us.  Every Sunday evening or Monday morning I sit down and organize what we call the “ride sheet”.  Across the top of the sheet for each day I list our names and below each name is a list of each persons duties for the day.  I also list my appointments and commitments for each day so the girls I work with know what my schedule will be. Terri and I will number the horses in the order we are going to ride and the saddles we want on each horse.  We number the horses in order of priority.  Generally, the most difficult horses are ridden first.  The easier horses or our personal horses are ridden later in the day.  Each person knows what is expected each day because the duties are prioritized.


We all must have priorities.  If we didn’t prioritize in the barn it would be pretty confusing!  If a person does not prioritize their life it can not only get confusing but also down right scary! 


I believe when you are in a highly competitive sport like barrel racing, if you are not very careful, you can get caught up in the competitiveness and your priorities can really get messed up.


I try to encourage all of my students to keep their priorities in order.  The minute they get out of order so does one’s life.  Believe me, I know.  Because of competition I have seen marriages and friendships fall apart.  I have seen horses ruined.  I have seen many hearts and spirits broken.  All of this because people let their priorities get out of whack.


I try (notice I say “try” which also means “I do my best”) to prioritize this way:

  1. The Lord
  2. My husband
  3. My family
  4. My church
  5. My job
  6. My barrel racing


Each priority has what I call sub-priorities.  For instance, concerning the Lord I need to prioritize quiet time and prayer time.  With my husband I try to let him know everyday how special he is and how much I truly love him.


The main point here is do you see how far down the list my barrel racing is?  When I allow it to become number 1 or 2 (and I am as guilty as anyone of allowing this to happen) my life turns into a real mess.  The only way I get things straightened out is to check my priorities.


Where are your priorities?  Hopefully, you have them in the right order.  Sit down and make a list of things that are important to you and be honest in how you feel.  Take an honest look at your list and yourself and see where your priorities lie.


The Lord tells us we cannot serve two masters.  Read Mathew 6: 24.  What is the master (main priority) in your life?  Is it money?  Is it fame?  Just what is it that trips your trigger?


We are told in His word to place no other God’s before Him.  Read Exodus 20:1 thru 3.  What is your God?  Is it barrel racing?  Winning a new saddle?  Winning a shiny new buckle?


God’s word tells us to seek the kingdom of God FIRST. Read Mathew 6:33. Are you seeking the kingdom of eternity or something fleeting here in this life?


We are all guilty of letting our priorities get out of kilter every now and then, but we can all work to keep them in line.  The Lord will be happy.  You will be happy.  Your friends, family and co-workers will be happy.  Even if you run out into the arena and knock over three barrels you will have a peace and joy that surpasses all understanding because your priorities are in order and you realize it is just a barrel race.  It is no big deal!