It Has to Make Sense



I always tell my students that when you are working with horses whatever you ask them to do has got to make sense to them.  You have to learn to think the way they (the horse) thinks and see things the way they see them. Many people try to get the horse to think the way people think.  What should be a pleasurable relationship turns into a train wreck because the human is forcing their opinion (perspective) on the horse and bless the poor horse it just makes no sense to them.


Isn’t that the way many of us are with God?  Instead of seeing and understanding a situation the way God sees it and teaches it in the Bible we want to force our views on Him. The clay (us) cannot tell the potter (God) how to mold us.  Isaiah 45: 9 states “Does the clay say to the potter ‘what are you making?’”  Isaiah 64: 8 also states “Yet, O Lord, you are our Father.  We are the clay, you are the potter: we are all the work of your hand.” 


Our relationship with God is very similar to our relationship with our horses.  Who is the smart one here?  If we are smarter than the horse we are trying to train why is it so difficult to get our point across sometimes? It is difficult because a horse has a brain and a will of their own.  Similarly, this is why is it so hard for God to get His point across to us sometimes.  It is because we have a brain and a will of our own (both given to us by Our Father).  We want to “do it on our own”.  Instead of seeing the situation the way God would see it, or relying on His word and His promises, and standing on those promises, we think we know better.  We exercise our free will (given to us by our Father) and at that point, as my dear old dad used to say “close our eyes, put our head down, and run up the fleeting road to disaster”!  It is another train wreck in the making.









The popular saying these days is “let go and let God”.  It is so much easier, peaceful and joyful to let God be God and turn over our situations to Him.  It is simpler to allow him to mold us into what He would have us be.  If we force our will upon the horses we are trying to train the results may be disastrous.  If we try to force our will on God the results will most certainly be disastrous. 


2 Chronicles 7: 14 gives us four very simple rules to follow to allow God to work in and through us.   “If my people, who are called by my name (that would be you and me) will 1) humble themselves and 2) pray and 3) seek my face and 4) turn from their wicked ways then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”  I love this scripture.  It tells me God will be there for me if I am there for Him. 


Start trying to see things the way your horse sees them.  Think it through for the horse so it will make sense for them. Your training will go more smoothly.  Your horse will be happy and you will be happy with the results.


 Start trying to see things in your life the way God would have you see them.  It will make more sense to you.  Maybe not immediately, but if you humble yourself and pray and seek God’s face and His will in your life and do your best to live the life God would have you live then you will be happy and God will be happy.