He Died for Me



Easter will be here soon. For many people it is the first indication that spring is around the corner.  The kids look forward to the Easter Bunny making his visit.  For me, when Easter approaches, the main thing on my mind and my heart is “Jesus died for ME”. 


For the last several years I have thought we should make a bigger deal out of Easter than Christmas.  As celebrations go Christmas is the holiday of choice for most people.  At Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus.  I am happy to consider His birth at Christmastime and what His life, His fulfillment of prophesy and the years of His ministry mean to me.  However, His death and resurrection are, to me, much more personal.


The reason it is so personal is because I know He died for me.  He died for you too.  He died for all of mankind.  He was the final sacrificial lamb.  And even though I know He died for all I also know He died just for me.  That is what having a person relationship with Christ does for us.  We become individuals in individual relationship with Him.  It all becomes so very personal.


When we consider the Easter story most people see it this way:  Jesus stood trial and was crucified; He died; He was buried and after seven days rose from the dead to be the first resurrected.  It sounds so matter of fact.


What most people fail to consider or recognize is what Jesus actually suffered.  The severe beatings by the guards; the weight of the cross that He bore on his already weakened and beaten body; the fact that people spat upon Him and threw stones at Him as He passed; the fact that the nails were driven THROUGH HIS FLESH at his wrists and feet; the time of severe suffering while hanging on the cross; the physical pain of muscle tearing from bone and lungs filling with fluid; the anguish of having His side pierced with a spear to speed up the dying process.


Have you ever read a graphic medical detail of what the human body goes through during a crucifixion?  It is horrible.  It, to me, is almost too much to comprehend!  He offered up His life as a sacrifice for all of mankind of which I am one.  He did it for me!  It is personal.


This Easter please consider what Jesus did for you.  Just for you personally.  If you are a believer thank God with sincerity for the gift of His son that none should perish but all should have eternal life.  If you are not a believer you can at this minute accept Jesus into your heart as your savior by praying this simple prayer.


Father, forgive me.  I know I have sinned against you.  I come to you with a humble heart.  I believe your son Jesus died for me on the cross. I thank you for your son Jesus and Jesus I ask you now to come and live inside me.


If you have just accepted Jesus as your savior please get in touch with me or another believer.  Let us help you.  The family of God is large and caring.


Just remember at Easter He died for you.  Don’t let it go to waste!