God Is In the Grandstand



2 Chronicles 7:14 & 15—If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.



When Gene and I started dating he started coming to barrel races to watch me run.  I realized then how nice it is to have him there, in the grandstand, watching me.  It is nice to have someone there, one special person that cares whether I win or loose.  Someone that, after the race, I can discuss things with that I know will love me no matter how I perform.


I love my friends and care whether they do well or not.  However, the fact remains I want to outrun them and they want to outrun me.  That is what competition is all about.  The group I travel with is a great bunch of girls and we really take care of each other and have a ton of fun but when the gate opens we, as individuals, are out to win.  That is just the way it is.


When I think about God and how he loves me I can compare it to the way Gene loves me and takes care of me.  Gene loves me unconditionally and win, loose or draw I know I can count on him.  God is the same way only more so.  In my life, win, loose or draw He loves me unconditionally.  If I make a mistake God doesn’t beat me up over it.  He asks me to do four things: 1) Humble myself before the throne; 2) Pray; 3) Read His word (seek His face); 4) Turn from whatever it is in my life that is separating me, or threatening to separate me, from Him.


I visualize God in the grandstand everyday watching and cheering me on.  He is there through thick and thin.  He is NEVER changing (God is the same yesterday, today and forever) and will NEVER leave me (I will never leave you or forsake you).  God wants EVERYONE to win.  All we have to do is follow the four simple steps He has laid out for us.  If we will do that we will all be winners in God’s arena.