The Book of Esther in the Old Testament is really interesting.  It is not a long book but it contains some good study material.  The Lord led me to this book a few weeks ago and I have had a fun time staying there for a while.


I will probably write about Esther again but the first thing that came to me as I was studying this book is this:  The Lord will put us in the right place, at the right time.  In all situations we need to seek God first and turn our problems over to Him. He will give us the spiritual support of our friends and family (intercessors) to accomplish what He needs us to accomplish.


Here is one story out of Esther, in an abridged fashion, which shows how God works.


King Xerxes became angry with Queen Vashti because he felt she disrespected him.  So, basically, he got rid of her.  He had all of the most beautiful virgins of the land gathered up from which he was going to choose the new queen.  They went through a whole year of pampering to get ready to meet the king.  In the gathering up process Esther was taken to the palace.  They, at the time, did not know she was Jewish.  Her uncle, Mordecai, told her not to tell so she didn’t.  When the time came for her to be presented to the king he was so taken with her that he made her his new queen. 


Thrown into this mix is Haman.  He is a power hungry type of a guy and he thinks everyone should bow down to him when he passes.  Mordecai, Esther’s uncle, hangs out at the king’s gate everyday to keep track of what is going on with her.  It gets Haman’s goat because Mordecai refuses to bow down to him. Because of Mordecai Haman convinces King Xerxes to issue a decree to annihilate all Jews. 


Mordecai tells Esther what is happening and asks her to make a plea on behalf of her people to King Xerxes.  I love what he tells her.  “Who knows but that you have come to royal position for a time such as this”? 


Esther asks all of the Jews to fast and pray for her and she approaches the king to ask for mercy for her people.  Of course, up until now he had no idea Esther was Jewish.  She asks him to spare her and the life of her people from the evil Haman. Of course her request is granted because if all the Jews are killed Esther will have to be killed also and the king is too in love to have that happen! 


There is some other stuff that goes on with Haman that I will probably write about at a later date because it is so funny and, to me, shows what a sense of humor God must have.  But for now we are just going to look at this part of Esther’s life.


God placed Esther in the king’s palace knowing what the future was going to bring.  He knows the future and we don’t.  He knew that Esther would be used to save her people who are also God’s chosen people.


Esther went into prayer and fasting before placing her request before the king.  She went to the Lord first.  She put the situation in God’s hands before she put it in man’s hands.


Esther had her people pray and fast for her.  The people also went to the Lord before they went to man for mercy.  They supported Esther in her efforts.


God will put us where we need to be.  It may not be where we think we need to be and we may not really want to be where we are at the time.  However, the Lord knows best and we need to learn to be flexible and obey Him when He calls us for certain tasks.  They may be small tasks compared to saving a nation of people but we all have our jobs to do for the Lord.


When we are called to do a job for the Lord we need to go to Him and stay with Him in prayer and His word.  We need to lean on Him for guidance and wisdom to handle every task His way and not ours. 


We need to have prayer partners (intercessors).  We all need people in our lives we know we can trust and count on to hold us up in prayer.  When we hit a weak moment we are able to feel the spiritual strength of those who are earnestly seeking the Lord on our behalf.  They will also know we are holding them up to the Lord.  Prayer partners are a very important part of my life and they should be in yours.


The Book of Esther is a great little book.  Next time we are going to take a look at Haman and see how our pride and greed can lead us down the road to destruction.  Until then seek God to see if you are where He really wants you to be to accomplish all you can for Him.