Easter Traditions



The movie, The Passion Of The Christ, is in movie theaters now.  It is a huge success after much debate by the press, who totally miss the point.  As yet, I have not seen the movie, although I plan to see it and I highly encourage everyone, Christian and non-Christian alike, to see this production.



                                          YOUR CHOICE


April is the month for Easter.  Several years ago I did some extensive research on what Christ suffered leading up to and on the cross from a medical standpoint.  To say the least it was horrific.  I studied the description of scourging, to the crown of thorns, to the crucifixion.  I cannot even describe to you in terms adequate enough to tell what Christ suffered for us physically, let alone, spiritually.


For these reasons (and others) I have always felt we should pay more attention, have more devotion and have greater celebration during Easter.  It is a very personal thing for me because I know Christ died for humanity but I also know, in my heart, He did it FOR ME!  I know what He suffered FOR ME and I know He rose on the third day just like the prophets and He said He would.  I know He did this FOR ME.  I know He did it FOR YOU TOO! I know He did it for EVERYONE!


I am not picking on any church here but in many ways, for whatever reason, the death and resurrection of Christ is not given the attention it should have in many congregations.  It is presented in a kind of “sugar coated” version.  The process is, Christ was tried, whipped, crucified, died and rose on the third day.


But, put yourself in his place.  Think about how it would be for you to know your entire life exactly what lies ahead of you.  To know what you will suffer physically and spiritually.  To know you are not doing it for yourself but for your Father.  You are not doing it only for your Father but for all of mankind past, present and future!  And not only are you to suffer physically but you will bear the spiritual burden of all of mankind’s sins.  The Bible tells us He sweat blood over this.  It also tells us He asked His Father if the “cup could be passed”.  In other words, He knew what was ahead of Him and asked the Father if there was not another way.  The Bible also tells us He was obedient even unto the cross.


Jesus was the FINAL SCARIFICIAL LAMB.  He sacrificed all for us.  I really want these words to make an impact.  I want Easter to become a personal issue with all of you because it is personal.  Because of Jesus’ obedience we are forgiven.  Because of Jesus we all have the opportunity for eternal life through Him.  Please, if you are a believer, take it personally.  If you are not a believer study the Bible and see what it says about what Christ suffered for you.  Because even if you are not a believer HE DID THIS FOR YOU TOO!


I don’t want to bum people out by writing so severely in this article but to me it is important and I can only write what God lays on my heart.


Have a blessed Easter but also have a personal Easter!