Choosing the Right Path to Life - Part 1



When I want help with my barrel horses I go to reining clinics and reining seminars.  We are fortunate in our area to have some very talented reining horse trainers.  I believe good barrel horses today are just reining horses that run fast.


In the reining classes when the instructors start talking about reining patterns and explaining all that is involved in the scoring process and the number of patterns a judge has to choose from it just boggles the mind!  At least in barrel racing all we have to worry about is turning three barrels.


The interesting thing about reining is the patterns are predetermined.  The riders must perform the pattern exactly as it is written.  Any deviation or mistake may mean a deduction in points or even a no score.  As one instructor once told me “it is not open to interpretation”.


There is also a reining event called “freestyle” reining.  The contestants choreograph a routine set to music.  They can put it together any way they want.  There are certain maneuvers that must be included in the routine but the contestants are free to do as they choose.


Many Christian people I know are like good reining horse people.  They know there is only one way to the kingdom of God.  That is accepting Christ into your heart as your savior.  They also know once they have chosen Christ as their savior they have scored big.  They learn to make the choices that will make the Father proud. 


I also know Christians that are like the freestyle reining horse people.  They want to go their own way.  They want to interpret everything the way they want to hear it and not the way it is.  They want to have things the way they would want it without regard for what they know to be the word of God.